We won’t argue that people need birth control. But we’re still in an age where a man’s only option is using a condom, and women have to use chemistry-altering drugs or weirdo appliances. The idea of some sort of alternate birth control for men has been kicked around for years – and a doctor in India might have nailed it.

Even with the recent news that semen can act as an antidepressant for bummed-out chicks, we’re not sold on the idea that men should just be giving this stuff out to anyone and everyone.

Anywho, this doctor in India has come up with an injection called “reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance,” or RISUG – which, get this – has so far been 100% effective at preventing pregnancy, lasts a minimum of 10 years, and has no side effects.

The 15 minute procedure is comprised of two – how do we say this painlessly – shots in the scrotum. Then, the injected polymer basically hangs out in your tubes and tases the sperm as they go by. Like, literally.

That’s kind of where we’re going to leave it. A couple more details are in the sauce – and our sauce has a sauce (!) that leads back to a lonnnnnng story over at Wired.