Shawn Taylor had, let’s just say, a terrible day at the park.

We know that racism is alive and well in the United States – but even Taylor’s account makes you think – holy s**t, this stuff still happens?

Give Taylor’s “A Day at the Park” a read over at the DadsGood wing of The Good Men Project, and keep it in mind the next time you’re at the park. If nothing else, remember that us fathers have to stick together – we don’t have time to dice ourselves up according to race – we’ve got to band together to get the respect we deserve just being parents!

There’s no intro to Taylor’s piece, so you’re kind of thrown-into it, having to figure out what it’s about (and why it’s a list). Other than that, it’s a sad-but-true glimpse into at least one father’s day at the park. I suspect, unfortunately, that this is all too common.

Sauce: DadsGood