Did your dad embarrass you in high school? No matter what they did, it isn’t this bad. 16 year old Rain Price’s dad, Dale, wins the “troll dad of the (school) year” for standing outside on his doorstep every morning and waving to his son’s bus – in costume.

A different costume every one of the 170 days that Rain’s bus passed the house. He’s been men and women – a secret service agent, the Little Mermaid, a Star Trek fleet member, Michael Jackson, a soccer player, a leprachaun, a gypsy, Pocahontas, and even Lady Gaga – to name a few.

It’s not all embarrassment, however. Rain’s dad says that it’s a little way of showing his son that he cares about him – a “father’s way” of saying I love you.

You can see some of the costumes on the Price family’s website: www.waveatthebus.blogspot.com or read more about it from the Deseret News at the sauce below.