Well, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, more popularly-known as E3, came to a close yesterday. They’re not letting anyone in anymore – believe us, we tried to get back in and play dumb. Oh, sure – there will still be parties and events around Los Angeles that should torture commuters in the city for another couple of days, but as of tonight, the oasis of games and goodies in the Los Angeles Convention Center will disappear until their release dates.

No doubt, you’ve heard about some great stuff swirling about the game industry. There’s new systems, handhelds, games, apps and services. But as a father, it’s hard to parse through the “important” stuff.

Allow us to cut through the crap for you, and let you know about a couple of things that stood out to us at this year’s E3. We’re by no means telling you about everything. Actually, we’ve only got a small snapshot of E3 for you, but we felt that these are some awesome titles to look out for. Also check our gallery (at the bottom of every page) for screenshots of all the games we mention.

“The Big Three” companies – Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, all had press conferences that preceded the actual E3 show. Since these three companies are the console manufacturers, they set the tone of the software on their systems. Here’s what they announced:


By far, the most underwhelming of “the big three,” Microsoft relied not on 1st party hardware and software, but on 3rd party game titles to drive its press conference. And after two years of Microsoft showing exciting family-oriented titles for the Kinect as their centerpiece, it was clear – this year is a return to “business as usual” for Microsoft. No innovation, no big moves; if you like your Xbox 360, good – you’ll get more stuff for it. If you don’t yet have one, then, well, no need to start now.

That, of course, ignores the couple of titles that fathers would be interested in. For your children, you’re looking at a couple of Kinect titles – “Kinect Disneyland Adventures,” which lets you visit the park and “experience attractions like never before.” Yawn. Next up, “Kinect Star Wars,” where, as far as we know, you basically just swing a lightsaber at things until the game tells you that you win. And really, for fans of the Star Wars franchise, that’ll probably be enough. If you’re into Star Wars and have a Kinect, you will own the game, even if you’ve got to yell “LIGHTSABER ON” to turn on your lightsaber. Of course, Microsoft also has a “Kinect Sports: Season 2” game on its way out also – and I’ve got to say, it looks like a winner (only golf and football minigames were on display at E3).

There’s one other game we’ll talk about in the “Other Guys” section, but really – Microsoft’s focus for their press conference was you, the dad. The male, that presumably loves to blow things up. So, if that is indeed you, we’re sure you’ll love “Battlefield 3,” “Gears of War 3,” “Tomb Raider Origins,” and “Halo 4,” among other crush-peoples’-skulls-in games.