The New York Times reports that Representative Anthony Weiner of recent Twitter fame and his wife Huma Abedin are expecting a child. The NYT cites three corroborating sources (which is enough to get an adulterer stoned in some countries) for the news.

Rep. Weiner recently admitted to “salacious online conversations” with six different women in an embarrassing scandal that started with a photo of Weiner’s junk (hurr, hurr…) that was posted on his Twitter account. The photo sparked some hullabaloo between supporters and opponents of Weiner, specifically revolving around his half-assed effort at a cover up. Opponents from the right-wing (who are of course blameless in the sex scandal arena) are now demanding Weiner’s resignation. Now that the baby news has leaked, there’s no way they’ll take anything less than that!

So, congratulations to Rep. Weiner and Huma on their happy news! Now the good Congressman can stop focussing his time and energy on his six different online exit strategies, and get ready to start changing diapers like the rest of us proles. Mazel Tov!

Sauce: New York Times