Long story short, Amber pushed Joshua out of their apartment window – which was 25 stories up (17 stories up from a parking garage). Joshua died from the fall.

The kicker was that Amber was 7 months pregnant – and now this kid is never going to get to know his father. And hopefully, if there’s any justice in the world, his mother too – because Child Protective Services should be plucking the baby directly out of Amber’s uterus on her birthing day and putting the baby in foster care. Knowing our peach of a legal system, however, the baby will remain with Amber and she’ll eventually kill another guy, and everyone will just have a good laugh about it when she gets a VH1 reality show called “Dying for Amber.”

All jokes aside, this chick’s a monster and it truly is sad that Joshua never got to meet his child.

Now here’s the part of the post where we cast doubt on the story just to make you think. Joshua was in the Air Force, and Amber is about a foot shorter than Joshua (yeah, I eyeballed it from pictures). How does a 7-month pregnant chick push an Air Force dude out a window? Either he was incredibly drunk, drugged, or she got a running start while he was in front of the window, with his back to the room. This wasn’t the first incident of domestic violence in the family – Amber had thrown a lamp at Joshua’s head in the past – and Joshua had pressed charges, which he later dropped. This chick’s winged a lamp at the guy’s head and pushed him out a window.


Sauce: ABC News