Sad news out of Florida. William Arnold Hudnall, a 51 year old dude in Florida, was killed in his sleep last week by his own daughter. Nineteen year old Guenevere conspired with her mom to kill him in order to get government benefits from his death.

I mean, their mobile home was being foreclosed on. How else are you supposed to stop something like that from happening? Money, as we are always reminded, doesn’t grow on trees.

According to The Gainsville Sun, “Guenevere was willing to kill him if Stephanie Hudnall would drive her to his home.” So, the estranged wife drove Guenevere to her father’s house in the middle of the night, where she crept in, swung the pickax down and into William’s chest repeatedly, until “until he was quiet to make sure he was dead,” according to a police report by Sheriff’s Detective Sandra Myers.

A judge set the mother and daughters’ bails at $1 million, and they’re currently being held in the Alachua County Jail.

Sauce: The Gainsville Sun