I know nothing about football. Test me; I couldn’t tell you how many points a team gets when they take a field goal kick. I don’t know how many men are on the field at once, and could only name three or four positions. But, what I do know is fathers, and as it turns out, NFL dads are trying to slowly break the perception that they know as much about fatherhood as I know about football.

CBS Sports talked to four NFL players – Houston’s Derrick Ward (one child), Arizona’s Jay Feely (four children), Seattle’s Chester Pitts (two children) and San Diego’s Philip Rivers (expecting his sixth child).

Ward summarized the state of fatherhood in the NFL, saying “There are good fathers and there are bad fathers in the NFL just like in society. But my bottom line has always been if the individual wants to do right by their kid, they’ll do it.” Ward sounds like a good father regardless of his profession – even saying that post-divorce, “keeping a positive relationship with [daughter] Jaida’s mom is important for Jaida, so I do it.”

You don’t often get that kind of cool-headed logic out of normal dudes, let alone NFL players. Turns out, there’s NFL dads out there that want to keep their kids in a “normal” life, and do the things all fathers do – help with homework, shuttle kids to their soccer practices, and of course, play a little game of catch in the backyard.

We mentioned the Chicago Bears’ Devin Hester and his monthly fatherhood column with Chicago Parent back in January – are we witnessing a new era of athlete? Read the CBS Sports article for some other surprising insight, sauced below.

Sauce: CBS Sports