Despicable father James Hawkins is despicable.

Seventeen-time convict Hawkins, 30, was already slapped with a restraining order when he came back to 28 year old Charlene Gather’s house. Gather was the mother of Hawkins’ three kids – but since that meant nothing to Hawkins, he stabbed Gather in front of their 12 year old daughter.

But that wasn’t enough. Hawkins then brought in a saw, and made the daughter help dismember her mother, and then brought the daughter with him to get rid of Gather’s body parts.

Since Hawkins was already nominated for Father of the Year at this point, he went one step further and returned the saw to the store he bought it from. This was in 2008.

It took a jury less than two hours last Saturday to reach a verdict and death sentence for Hawkins. But sadly, it’ll take a lifetime for the three kids to come to terms with the things they’ve seen and experienced.

Enjoy Hell, James – we’re glad you’ll finally find a fitting home.

Sauce: True Crime Report