Kid Gives Speech After Learning To Ride A Bike

This video of a kid making an off-the-cuff inspirational speech after learning to ride a bike is popping up around the internet. The kid’s speech is charming and unintentionally funny, which makes the video internet gold, but the content of this little boy’s speech reveals what he learned from his dad in the process of getting up on that bike.

Perhaps the most important lesson that this boy learned is that his own personal skills and qualities are changeable. A lot of people talk about personal attributes as fixed values. You’re smart or you’re dumb. You’re fast or you’re slow. You ride a bike or you walk. Learning to ride a bike taught this child that hard work and practice are tools that can be used for self-improvement.

We give our children a starting point, but don’t forget that we’re also responsible for teaching them how to push their personal boundaries.