Entrepreneurs and small business owners are in a unique position where they can not only run a business, but surround themselves with family. For these dudes, hiring their children is common – and depending on the family dynamic, brings the family closer together.

At least according to our buddies over at the Wall Street Journal. All I could think of the whole time was “Tommy Boy.”

One of the people interviewed for the article, Jennifer Rankin, started out in her family’s lawn care business as a teenager. She started out helping out with things like mopping, cleaning, dusting, and cleaning toilets. She didn’t intend on sticking with the company – but after getting a degree in marketing and communications, things changed.

“It hit me how much sweat, blood and tears my parents have put into this place,” said Rankin. “…I would not be OK with it being handed over to somebody else.”

It’s that sort of pride and bond that helps every day be Father’s Day for family businesses – if you work for your father, check out the WSJ article – it’s a nice reminder that not all children that inherit companies are privileged, unskilled brats.

Sauce: Wall Street Journal