You might know Michael Boatman from such television shows as “China Beach,” “The Good Wife” and “Gossip Girl.”

Oh wait, fatherhood website…got it.

You might know Michael Boatman from such television shows as “Spin City,” “Arli$$” and “Law & Order: SVU.” He’s a father, and recently, motherhood-site-masquerading-as-parenthood-site ParentDish put up an editorial from him for Father’s Day. We’re covering this as part of our “Post Father’s Day Extraveganza,” which will stretch into, god knows, tomorrow or Wednesday. Basically, so much Father’s Day stuff came out while we were busy with our families that we couldn’t hope to get it to you in time. So, we didn’t.

Anywho, Michael Boatman’s little editorial is a nice reminder that celebrity fathers are real fathers too. We like to imagine that movie and television stars all have assistants and nannies, so it’s good for us to hear about real celebrity parenting like this. Michael Boatman also had a father that walked out on his family, so it’s been important for him to be there for his kids.

Boatman’s got a little something to say to fathers that walk out on their families as well. “I think of the fathers who go off to find some imaginary better life, and all the tragedy that leaving causes,” he says. “They’ll never know the joys, the laughter, the adventures that only come with time spent loving and raising your children.”

Sauce: ParentDish