Okay, so Father’s Day’s over, and 8BitDad just won’t let go of it. Mainly, of course, because we didn’t tell you all this great crap before “the big day.” Sue us, we have kids.

Here’s how we’re playing this one off as current: Father’s Day’s over, but you want a special mix of music to share with your kid so he’s always thinking of you? Well, ain’t that fancy! Radio station WNYC has got a special Father’s Day post-Father’s Day list of songs you can (legitimately) download somewhere to build a mixtape about the often-complex father-child relationship.

Now – some of these songs aren’t exactly father-loving ballads. Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue” or Harry Chapin’s “Cats in the Cradle” don’t exactly paint a utopian fatherhood. But they’re classic songs about fatherhood – and you could use them as a basis for discussions about absent or busy fathers, reassuring your youngin(s) that you’d never be like that.

Or, you can just sit your kid down and make him watch Madonna’s video for “Papa Don’t Preach” and call it a day.

Sauce: WNYC