Two nights ago, I got an e-mail from Fathers & Families letting me know that their Executive Director, Glenn Sacks absolutely destroyed MSNBC beyond repair. He left the network so beaten and broken that they were microphone parts out of their cornholes all weekend.

That’s only a slightly-accurate representation of what I really read. Keep reading for the real scoop.

MSNBC ran a piece last Friday about “Married Single Moms,” where they revealed the results from a recent survey about housewives. Turns out, 92% of mothers feel “overwhelmed,” and 70% resent their husbands. Even working moms, Senior Editor of, Alison Bernstein explained, feel like they’re doing “the majority of the work.”

And go figure, The Bump and ForbesWoman were the companies that did the surveys. It’s a good thing there’s no man-hating women on those sites (“Price is Right” loser horns).

Just when these overworked and overstressed housewives felt like they’d completely emasculated fathers, Sacks came swooping in like a great falcon upon Bernstein and hit her with a three-pronged attack:

1) Studies continually show that when both the mother and father in a household work, they contribute more-or-less equally to the home.

2) Bernstein had mentioned that even working moms feel as if they are “taking the majority of work on their shoulders.” Sacks mentioned that men work, on average, eight more hours per week than women do.

3) The survey taken didn’t account for real, randomly-selected pool of participants; known as a “SLOP” (Self-selected Listener Opinion Poll), the idea is that the only respondents will be people looking to answer in the extreme.

On that third point, in other words, if you run a survey asking who likes bologna on the Oscar Mayer website, don’t be surprised when it comes back 100% positive.

Alison Bernstein backed-off and said the survey wasn’t to pit moms against dads. This is funny, since by far, the classiest part of the press release was the intro for the results:

With Father’s Day right around the corner, moms across the country are looking for a creative way to give their partners a break for the weekend. But new research from ForbesWoman and parenting site shows that it’s mom who really needs a “time out.”

Oh, ladies.

Check out the video on Fathers & Families’ YouTube channel here.

And if you’re a father that pulls his weight around the home and with the kids, and you’re in the mood to be enraged, you can read the ForbesWoman/TheBump survey press release here.

Sauce: Fathers & Families