If you live in the United States and have watched the news anytime since 2008, you’ve heard about the Casey Anthony trial. Just in case you haven’t…it surrounds the disappearance and death of two year old Caylee Anthony, daughter of Florida mother Casey Anthony (25). Things started looking bad for Casey before Caylee’s remains were found. Casey had googled “chloroform,” and there were pictures of her that surfaced, drinking and celebrating with friends after the date of Caylee’s disappearance. Casey claimed that her daughter was kidnapped by a nanny.

The big news today is that Casey’s father, George, took the stand this morning, crying openly about his granddaughter’s death. Court actually had to be adjourned as he cried, so he could compose himself. George had attempted to commit suicide after he learned of Caylee’s death. “My emotional state, even through today, is very hard to accept that I don’t have a granddaughter anymore,” George said to the jurors. “…but for that particular day, it just felt like the right time to go and be with Caylee.”

The defense attorney has also claimed that George had sexually abused his daughter Casey since the age of 8, which George denies. George did admit to buying a gun after learning of Caylee’s disappearance – and intended on using it to force his daughter’s friends and associates to give up information about his granddaughter’s death.

This has been a strange and tragic case, and chances are there are facts no one will ever know.

Sauces: CBS News / Reuters