Immediately after the June 7 shooting, Marcus White told investigators that he had gone into his father’s room and picked up his father’s gun because he was scared an intruder was breaking into his family’s camper. That’s how, White told the police, his father was accidentally shot and killed.

Sometime later, odds are after a lawyer let White know that the ol’ accidental shooting during a break-in defense doesn’t fly, Marcus changed his story.

White’s now been arrested for lying to the police – now saying that he heard a “good voice” and a “bad voice” as he picked up his father’s .40-calibur Glock. His 50 year old father was sleeping at the time he was shot. Evidently the bad voice won.

This sounds exactly like the thing that a rayon-shirt-with-white-slacks-wearin’ Florida DA would tell him to say.

Sauce: Daytona Beach News-Journal