I don’t know much about Europe – but I do know that I sure hear a lot about fatherhood coming out of there.

New Europe, which sounds like an Orwellian state of online news, has a recap of a couple events from the European Father’s Congress, which happened June 28 (EU time, which is god-knows-when in the US) at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. The topic? Paternity leave. Quoth the Parliament website: “By addressing topics like paternity care, the economic effects, and equal opportunities on the job market the possibilities of extended paternity leave will be discussed.”

So how’d it go? From what I read in the article sauced below, the Polish Deputy Labor and Social Policy Minister Radoslaw Mleczko raised concerns about Europe-wide paternity leave rights. At the moment, European countries individually govern their laws and benefits (see here for possibly-accurate parental leave benefits).

A German trade dude named Matthias Lindner said that “people get paid more for responsibility over goods than responsibility over human beings,” which perfectly summarizes why paternity leave is important, no matter the country or gender.

Spanish Parliament member Raul Romeva i Rueda mentioned that helping fathers stay home helps women stay in the workplace. “If we want women to have a presence in the public sphere,” said Rueda, “we have to have the presence of men in the private sphere.”

Sauce: New Europe