Move along, “Teen Mom!” On July 27, MTV UK and Ireland will start a series that follows six young fathers in the United Kingdom. The first-time fathers were all taped for three-months as they experienced the good and bad parts of fathering children young.

It’s interesting to see MTV choosing fathers over mothers in the UK. MTV’s “Teen Mom” series is popular in the United States – did they do some research that found the UK to be more interested in fathers? I got a hold of the PR people that deal with “Teen Dad” and unfortunately, I’ve been waiting for a reply all week about why fathers were chosen over mothers. All MTV Networks Europe could do was send me a press release describing the six dudes the show will follow.

The UK’s office for National Statistics says that last year, 41,325 teenage boys in England and Wales under the age of 18 became fathers. This helps make the UK the teenage pregnancy capital of Europe.

U jelly, American fathers? The UK is far more interested in hearing a dad’s story than the US. Sucks to be us, bro.