On the heels of the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer report stating that cell phones do-indeed-possibly-maybe cause cancer, tumors, or cancerous tumors, Reuters reports on a study released Saturday (seriously, who does this) that concludes, once and for all, that maybe, just maybe, cell phones don’t cause tumors. Like we believe anything that people say on Saturday.

The journal of “Environmental Health Perspectives” published the paper, which said, among other things, that there still “remains some uncertainty,” but that “evidence is increasingly against the hypothesis that mobile phone use can cause brain tumors in adults.”

But let’s not get our panties in a bunch just yet. Turns out that these dudes do somewhat agree with the WHO IARC findings from last May – in saying that there is a need to classify the cell phone risk – but they just might not agree with how others have chosen to do so.

Or something.

Still seems like a great idea to keep a possibly cancer-causing thing out of your kid’s face until this one’s nailed-down.

Sauce: Reuters