What do you do if you’re a father of five, and love video games? Why, employ your kids to help you nerd-out with a “gamer’s urban art project” – that’s what!

This is what “PixelMan” did – he’s a dad and a gamer, who wanted to share his geek with the world, so he grabbed a couple cans of spraypaint, and rounded up over 700 plastic cups. Then, he printed-out his battle-plans. He threw his kids in the van (or told his kids to get in the car) and headed over to Carterville Road, over the University Avenue overpass in Provo, Utah.

PixelMan’s kids, who range from five years old to 12, help with the projects – from holding the cups to helping build the pixel art. PixelMan even puts up a notice to not remove his art – saying that he’ll check back daily to maintain it and make sure it’s disposed of correctly when the time comes.

“My Pixeled Fence project is a fun creative outlet for me to do with my family and friends,” says PixelMan. “while at the same time pay homage to the great old school games I grew up with.” He said that while he was growing up, he was hooked on the NES, so he’s passed that love onto his kids. “We love to play anything Mario, Metroid, or Zelda, among other things,” he says.

You can see (around my PEW PEW PEWing) that PixelMan did a great job getting Samus up over the freeway. Check out the sauce for more pics and an awesome Mega Man project – as well as an opportunity to get in on the fun if you’re in the Utah area.

Got any other projects like this that you do with your kids? Let us know in the comments!