Jeffrey Sumber isn’t a father, and he’s not a Christian – so quit wishing him a happy Father’s Day and a Merry Christmas.

Sumber’s main point (if you allow me to ruin the lead-up in the first six-ish paragraphs for you) is that while most people identify his good nature, patience, wisdom and personality as fatherly, Sumber is just a good man. “In fact, it is difficult not to confuse the Father Archetype with simply the best of the MALE energy,” Sumber says.

Now, somewhere in here, I’m torn. I like Sumber’s sentiment that basically, people are morons and think he’s a father when he’s just a good guy. Any time you call the general population idiots, I’m on-board. But Sumber might lose me when he declares “that “you want to live in a world where everyone celebrates Christmas because you love it so much and want me to be a part of it,” and by extension, “you wish me a Happy Father’s Day because you love being a father and want me to love it too.”

Or maybe he doesn’t. I want to hear more of the paragraph where Sumber says that he doesn’t think that good normal-dude traits equate to being a good father, since I think that’s an interestingly-true point. Sumber does think, however, that there is “a very real projection from you to me that hopes I will be a good father because good fathers are like gold.”

So are people wishing Sumber a happy Father’s Day because we hope every good man becomes a good dad and passes the trait on to his kids? Probably.