I know what you’re thinking: OMG, gender diversity! The workplace! A multiple-page discussion! COUNT ME THE EFFYUSEEKAY IN!

And that’s how I felt when I first checked out this New York Times monster article. But as I read through, I realized it’s very appropriate, and as much about fathers as it is about mothers. What’s funny is that even though the title of the discussion is “How Can We Get Men to Do More at Home,” it’s more about all the other issues that surround this and involve women in the workplace. So really, if you read it right – it seems like the title should be “How Can We Let Everyone Do Everything.” Because really, it’s not about “getting” men to do more at home – it’s about giving women a workplace where they feel comfortable enough to keep working, and giving men a home where they feel comfortable enough to not work.

The people involved in the discussion were:

  • Andrea Doucet, Brock University, Ontario
  • Ute Frevert, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
  • Joshua Gans, author, “Parentonomics”
  • Sandrine Devillard, McKinsey and Company, Paris
  • Jeremy Adam Smith, author, “The Daddy Shift”
  • Virginija Langbakk, European Institute for Gender Equality

And frankly, these dudes and dudettes killed it. And killin’ it’s a good thing. Try to read Ute Frevert’s section, titled “Change Rituals and Behaviors” without your brain melting.

Sauce: New York Times