Andy Hinds of Parentable wing of TLC/How Stuff Works/Giant Brand-X Over-Corporation discusses, overall, the consumerism of Elmo. Hinds notes that even though he hasn’t “even owned a TV during most of Elmo’s career”, that he’s familiar with the red beast, and all of his evils.

But the problem is that Elmo’s a gateway drug to toys and events. “He’s instantly their best friend and hero,” says Hinds. “…the perfection of childhood unfettered by societal constraints, the apotheosis of humanity in plush red synthetic fur.” This is how Hinds found himself with twin girls screaming for Elmo at Sea World. Hinds didn’t know Elmo would be there “in person,” and since then, the daughters have somehow grown even more of a love for him.

I get Hinds’ point. And I think problematically – even if Elmo’s a figurehead for toddler-centric consumer culture, I think “Sesame Street” is one of the shows to worry about the least.

Or maybe I should be worried about the fact that I’m not worried.