New Jersey dudes Steve Lerner, and David Jacobs and Fabian Nicieza want your kids to play games online to fight childhood obesity. But here’s the catch: gamers on their site – – don’t just play games online. The site actually rewards gamers for playing games in the real physical world.

After kids create an account on FunGoPlay, they choose an avatar and get a locker room where they keep track of their stats. They’re able to play single and multiplayer games online, go on quests, play in tournaments, and chat with other members. But in order to get the most out of the site, players have to use “connected equipment” called FGP Sports Gear. Currently, two items have been created – a soccer ball and a frisbee disc – that track how long they’ve been played with. The child plays with the equipment, and is given a level code that coincides with the amount of activity. According to the FunGoPlay site, these connected devices unlock “in-game bonuses like medals, points, PowerUps and special items for their avatar and locker room.” This fall, a football will also join the family of FGP Sports Gear.

This is a great concept. The three fathers noticed when coaching their little league teams that kids would finish their games, then go home and play online games. In order to keep kids outside, the fathers knew they had to incentivize it. If kids wanted to play computer games, let them – but give them a reason to go back outside.

Monthly subscriptions start at $5.95, and the first 10,000 subscribers receive a free soccer ball or disc to get them on their way! Check out the sauce for more information and backstory!