Derek Markham had a post yesterday on the DadsGood section of the Good Men Project, talking about habits of healthy dads. Six total, if you’re keeping count.

Don’t let the first two scare you off. Markham has some great points – but it’s easy to see the header image of bro-yoga (broga?) and see #1 and #2 being “Personal Fitness” and “Personal Diet” and think that article doesn’t apply to you if you’re already working out and watching your weight. Or worse, you might stop reading if you’re not interested in either one. They’re still important and Markham makes himself clear that he’s not telling you to run laps and cut carbs. Rather, he’s suggesting that you make decisions to stay limber and be conscious of the stuff you’re eating. Alright, alright, alright, Derek, I’m putting the doughnut down already.

Markham hits us with four more habits that all fathers can agree are important: things like taking Downtime (or “me-time”) so you don’t burn out, having date-nights with your wife (so the both of you don’t burn out), and “Suiting up” to your family life, which basically means “put work into your family, stupid.”

Finally, Markham suggests we practice “Reverence,” which he explains is just basically being in awe of something, whether it’s nature, art or other meditation. I’m going to ignore that Markham suggested yoga.

I suggest you do too. Otherwise, check out Markham’s other points over at Good Men Project.

Sauce: Good Men Project