A father, son and dog panning for minerals near Washington’s Sultan River had to take shelter in a tree trunk. Presumably from Saruman.

According to the small handful of places this story was covered, the 31 year old father had set out with his 10 year old son and the dog to have some good old-fashioned mineral panning down at the river, but called his wife around 10pm that night and let her know that his pack burned up in a fire and they were huddled in a tree trunk. The woman called the police, who had been waiting for a call like this so they could load up the chopper.

And load up the chopper, they did.

The chopper spotted them, lowered supplies to keep them warm, along with a radio, probably so they could jam to some oldies before the cops picked them up. Everyone made it back okay and had a good laugh about it once they got home. Except Saruman, who’s still pissed that he couldn’t retrieve that one ring to rule them all.

Sauce: HeraldNet