As the story goes, Jacob Mitchell and Pamela Stanley are married (or aren’t, if you’re one of those “need proof” types), but definitely have a child. Mitchell and Stanley had an argument about an ex-girlfriend of Mitchell’s, where Stanley alleges that she was pushed to the floor by Mitchell. Then, depending on whose story you’re reading, Stanley was pushed to a bed or floor by Mitchell or his mother, kicked in the vagina (okay, they all say “between the legs” but let’s be honest here), and then Mitchell’s father grabbed her 34-weeks-pregnant baby bump and claimed he was going to sell the baby for $5,000.

Restraining orders and bond were given to Mitchell and his parents. Stanley was admitted to a hospital for a panic attack (but evidently not the injuries she sustained from the alleged attack).

Despite a court order, Stanley’s mother claims Mitchell has called the house numerous times.

So – the issue here is: who’s telling the truth? If Stanley is telling the truth, Mitchell and his parents are dirtbags. If the story is made-up, then Stanley’s a dirtbag. Mitchell claims Stanley made the story up because she’s setting herself up to gain sole custody of the baby. Seems like it’d be an open-and-shut case if Stanley was checked out at the hospital for signs of being hit and kicked. I don’t know much about vaginas, but it seems like they’d probably bruise or swell or something. Or maybe that’s just the “CSI effect” – that if you’re touched at all, I’m assuming someone can find evidence of it.

Sauces: / Sun Sentinel