Fathers of Iowa: don’t ever think that your Congressional reps aren’t bad ass.

Iowa Representative Leonard Boswell heard screams on Saturday night in his Iowa farmhouse – and walked into the front of the house, where his daughter, Cindy Brown, was being held on the ground by an intruder. The intruder had a gun to Brown’s face, and his hand on her throat.

The 77 year old Leonard Boswell lept like a puma onto the attacker, breaking a rib and destroying the intruder’s will, as they got greco-roman, falling down the basement stairs and then clambering back up. By then, Boswell’s 22 year old grandson had a shotgun pointed at the perp’s chest. The intruder, at that point, fled the scene.

Boswell said of the scene: “I did what probably other fathers or parents would do, or any of you: I went after him.”

By this, I’m assuming he means he’s currently stalking the guy with a bandana around his head and a knife between his teeth, laying low in a riverbed until the right moment.