I’m sure you guys all know the biggies: Green Eggs & Ham, The Giving Tree, and Knuffle Bunny Too. But have you ever thought of reading your kids a short story, or poetry collection, from say…Leo Tolstoy? Mary Shelley? Oscar Wilde?

Brain Pickings just put together a list of seven – SEVEN! – children’s books that were written by only the most formidable literary geniuses. Rounding out the list are: Mark Twain, T.S. Elliot, James Joyce, and Virginia Woolf. Unless you’re the most epic of hipster dads, it’s likely that you’ve never heard of these unsung publications written by all the people YOU avoided when you were a kid sitting in English class. Wah, Wah-Wah, Wah, Waaaaaaah…

Head over to the site right now and check out some of the titles. There are plenty of images of the books with illustrations inside. Illu-frakkin’-strations, man! I guarantee that if Shelley would have had illustrations in Frankenstein, the copy I had in high school probably wouldn’t have as many drool stains as it does.

Sauce: BrainPickings