Back in May, we let you know that Neo-Nazi and bad neighbor Jeff Hall was shot by his son. Then, we told you that the son planned on pleading insanity in the case against him. Now, we’re letting you know that the 10 year old’s case may be put on-hold until September for more psychiatric evaluations. The defense is still planning on having the boy plead “not guilty” by means of insanity.

For the record, it’s not really insane to shoot an abusive Neo-Nazi father. It’s called doing society a favor. If Jeff Hall’s kid is guilty of anything, it’s being too good of a decision-maker at too young an age.

That’s a free opinion for you. I don’t really support violence, especially murder, but sometimes if – oops, a gun accidentally went off and killed a baddie – I think we might want to just forget that there’s all sorts of legal technicalities in the matter. This is just sad that so many kids were effected by Hall and will continue to be, even after he’s gone.

Sauce: The Press Enterprise