A greater acceptance of shared custody, and higher saturation of unmarried couples has helped family courts award single fathers custody more often, says Bloomberg News.

A few decades ago, you didn’t see single fathers caring for kids as often as you do now. Courts are seeing this too – and treating it less like one of the exceptions and more like one of the rules. There’s been an increase in single father households among households with children since 2000 – now at 8% up from 6.3%. If you’re keeping score, Bloomberg reports that in 1950, single father households only accounted for 1.1% of households with children.

The interesting phenomena, which we mention from time to time (and no, I won’t link to the past, you’ll just have to trust me) is that as women increased their presence in the workplace, men increased their presence at home. And as gender equity increases in the workplace, more men find themselves doing more at-home caregiving. And, of course, as husbands try to stay home with the kids in their marriages, they also fight for custody when the marriages don’t work out.

Bloomberg goes on. But this is where 8BitDad leaves you.

Sauce: Bloomberg