A 72 year old father in West Virginia gave thieves more than they bargained for last week, when he decided he was going to use the fullest extent of his firepower to protect his family.

We missed this story last week, but you never thought we were timely anyway.

Last Friday, three men knocked on Menuard Frazier’s door and asked to use his phone. Frazier led the three men into the kitchen, but then the men beat Frazier, tied his legs up, put a sheet over his head and robbed his house.

FYI, this is not something you want to do to Menuard Frazier.

The three robbers then went next door to Frazier’s son’s house. Frazier’s son was not home at the time – so the robbers took their sweet time picking through the son’s belongings. Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Frazier crawled himself over to a knife and cut himself free. He then grabbed a 9-millimeter pistol and a shotgun and headed out. By the time he got to his porch, the three robbers were walking back across Frazier’s lawn. They saw that Frazier had freed himself, began shooting at him, and that’s when Frazier went into God Mode. He began shooting at them with the 9-millimeter, but when he saw the men running for their truck, he switched to the shotgun – an auto-loading Remington 1100 tactical shotgun – and shot at their truck. According to Frazier, he hit the robbers’ Chevy S-10 truck at least once, in the back window.

Best part: “I did my best to kill everyone of them,” said Frazier later to the police.

The perps haven’t been caught yet.

Sauce: Business Insider