The Baylor Teen Health Clinic in Houston, Texas received a $100,000 grant – and instead of blowing it on PlayStation 3 games and pizza like most teenagers would – they worked-up an initiative by the name of the Urban Fathers Asset Building.

This building, which reportedly has no PlayStation 3s or pizza, is a partnership between the clinic, the State Office of the Attorney General and the nonprofit Covenant Community Capital Corp.

The clinic already has a “Project Bootstraps” program, which sounds like it’s aimed at men who wear boots – and, well, this is Texas we’re talkin’ bout here. Expanding on that program will be the a “Fathers and Finances” workshop which will help young men learn about the financial responsibility of fatherhood. In addition, they’ll learn about all of the financial options that Covenant Community Capital Corp can offer them…go figure.

Sauce: Baylor College of Medicine