Biker dads in Australia: you’re like the rebel of the rebels. But don’t let that be the reason that you photograph your toddler daughter holding a loaded gun and post it to Facebook.

That’s exactly what some 29 year old Aussie father did – after a long day of riding the mean streets of Melbourne, he came home and thought “you know what would kick this day up a notch? Giving my toddler a gun and starting her on the path to a life of greatness.”

The man was arrested on FIVE firearm-related charges, including a prohibited person possessing an unregistered gun, possessing unregistered handgun and possessing a silencer. The gun was found during a raid by the Echo Taskforce, which I swear is an agency from a Tom Clancy video game.

Oh, and this dude is already in trouble for other stuff – including a kidnapping and armed robbery charges. And he’s linked with one of Australia’s more violent gangs. He was, needless to say, prohibited from owning firearms. Maybe his daughter wasn’t!