Don’t read this story if you want to close out your Friday on a high note.

Ray Salvador Coriell, a 29 year old moron in Bakersfield, California, is being held on $1 million bail after a standoff ending in his arrest Thursday. Coriell was arrested on charges of kidnapping with the act of rape, kidnapping with the intent to rape, intercourse with a child under 10 years old, and attempted murder – which makes this guy an official nominee for 8BitDad’s Worst Father, California Edition.

The was a standoff with cops stemming from Coriell’s daughter’s disappearance. Coriell had texted the daughter’s stepmother saying that he was going to hurt himself. Police swarmed the house and had a standoff with Coriell, who voluntarily came out at 7pm.

Coriell’s daughter disappeared in the middle of the night and turned-up across town the next day. Originally, Coriell wasn’t a suspect in the daughter’s disappearance, but later, was all that and more – when the charges for rape and kidnapping dropped on him.

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