Before I even tell you the story, can we please discuss how incredible it is that we found a fatherhood story in a magazine called Irish Trucker? According to their site, “Irish Trucker is the voice of the haulage industry in Ireland.” Awesome.

Near the town of Holden, Louisiana, one father’s in hot water after letting his son drive him home. But this wasn’t one of those rite-of-passage drives where a father holds his son on his lap and lets him steer in an empty lot.

The 28 year old father was drunk and asleep in the passenger seat of his pickup truck – and here’s where it gets worse – his four year old daughter was also in the back seat. The eight year old son was driving erratically, and another motorist on the road called the police. Troopers pulled the car over, and questioned everyone. The father was arrested on charges of, among other things, child desertion.

Though we commend the father for not driving drunk with two children in the car, there’s got to be other ways to get everyone home safe than putting an eight year old behind the wheel. This guy doesn’t get the “moron of the week” award, but definitely was in the running.

And thank god for Irish Trucker Magazine, amirite?

Sauce: Irish Trucker Magazine