Very soon, I will be deploying with my Army unit to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. During my deployment, I’m going to try and cover a new angle of daddy parenthood that could use the kind of juice that we’re known for at 8BD. Of course, what couldn’t use the kind of juice we’re known for at 8BD.

I’ve covered military stories before, but in this new arc of posts I’m going to try and cover aspects of parenting itself that fall outside of the traditional life-pattern for nuclear families, and I’m going to do it from my own individual point of view. I basically want to acknowledge that there are a lot of ways to be a father. There are a lot of good dudes who try parenting without being able to be beside their children every day: divorced parents who visit on weekends, travelling workmen, and – of course – deployed dads.

Because, let’s face it, we can’t ALL be work-at-home snobs who feel justified in criticizing other dads just because we change an occasional diaper and help our kids play hookey. No, some of us have to wake up at “oh-dark-thirty” to schlep into work, and some of us have to try parenting via Skype while we work under rocket fire somewhere halfway around the world.

So we’re calling this new column “Daddies Away!” as a play-on-words between the phrases “bombs away!” and “daddy’s away”…as in not here. I’m going to continue to cover the military daddy news, but also add some interviews with guys who are doing their best to be parents in Afghanistan, and also add some of my own parenting experiences, as I play the world’s most realistic first-person shooter.

Afghanistan is a country where 44.5% of the population is under the age of fourteen, and most adult males live abroad in order to make enough money for their families to survive. It is a world that is often described as being “200 years in the past.” This means that Afghanistan won’t even see a Nintendo Entertainment System for 166 years!

You can follow the madness here at, or you can get updates by friending our Facebook page. I’ll make a special tag so you can stay up with the “Daddies Away!” stories here at 8BD. This way you won’t miss a thing as I try being a parent from 7,720 miles away.

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