Back in April, we talked about Peter Spitz, an ex-marine that was shot three times by his wife, and then somehow not allowed custody of his son – even as his wife was in a psychiatric facility. Spitz was left blind and without a sense of smell from that attack. It was an outrageous story that was bad news for fathers; if an innocent man can be shot by his wife, have his mother killed and not receive any visitation with his child, what does a normal dude think he’ll be up against? I mean, Spitz’s wife had even admitted in court that she had attempted to drown their son when he was an infant – and she was then allowed to see the son!

Well, Fathers & Families was more than happy to announce that Peter Spitz has now been awarded FULL EFFING CUSTODY of his son!

The story in brief: Fathers & Families had aided Peter and recommended legal counsel for him. A judge ended up finding holes in the testimonies and intentions of now ex-wife Teresa Spitz, and the Reynolds family, friends that were acting as guardians to the son during the ordeal. The Reynolds family even had strange ties to the Aurora Mental Health facility where Peter Spitz was advised to take a parenting class. As it turned out, a therapist that helped Teresa in court and testified on her behalf was also tied to the Aurora Mental Health facility – and by extension, the Reynolds family and Teresa. So – the judge found all of this to be a little too fishy, and along with other details that F&F outlines in their article, used it to award Peter Spitz custody.

Congratulations, Peter! And if you’d like to read the rest of this story, hit the sauce.

Sauce: Fathers & Families