It’s always sad when a dirtbag POS abuses a child. But it’s even more sad when it’s a man that people celebrated as a hero. William Fox, a 66 year old, retired Staten Island cop – one that became the legal guardian of a 17 year old kid he talked out of suicide – cut a plea deal in court that might put him in the slammer for the rest of his life.

Fox entered a “no contest” plea in a Pennsylvania court to nine charges including including incest, corruption of minors, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, indecent assault relating to three victims who lived with him, and obstructing the administration of justice. Like, seriously, this guy’s a butthole of the highest order.

In addition to the 69 years in jail he might be serving (you know, if he lives to 135), he can also be fined up to $125,000. Fox has to be evaluated to see if he’s a sexually violent predator (which is a one-question test, they just come right out and ask), and then he will be sentenced around October.

Back in 1981, Michael Buchanan, an orphan, had a series of events that led him to an 8th story ledge – where he contemplated suicide. Fox showed up and talked Buchanan down from the ledge, saying that he’d be proud to be the boy’s father. He snagged Buchanan down from the ledge after a 90-minute standoff, and low-and-behold, adopted him. According to Staten Island Live, “The duo’s heartwarming saga was recounted nationally in print and on TV, and in May of 1982, the National Father’s Day Committee named Fox one of its 10 Fathers of the Year.” There was even a book written (coauthored by Fox) about the relationship between Fox and Buchanan.

Fox adopted up to 10 other kids after that, in three different states. All of the alleged victims of Fox’s sexual abuse were in Pennsylvania.

This guy can’t go to jail fast enough, and I think since he won’t live long enough to serve his 69 years in prison, he should be castrated, then branded with a hot iron for each of the years he won’t serve. Just sayin’.

Sauce: Staten Island Live