Details emerged late this week of a sad double-murder involving a father: a wealthy Lebanese-American developer in Los Gatos, California named Ed Imad Daou had told his 22 year old son Andrew that if his cancer came back, he’d kill him, “to put him out of his misery.”

Long story short: in late July, Ed shot Andrew in his sleep, and then himself – and autopsy reports showed that Andrew was cancer-free.

The story gets more complicated. Ed’s (ex?) wife and widow, Carmen Hamady Daou, had filed for divorce in early July after years of reported physical and emotional abuse. She says that on many occasions, Ed had yelled at her and punched her, and had bought a gun in March of 2010, while Andrew was having chemotherapy treatment for his Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He made it clear that if Andrew’s symptoms came back, Ed would kill him.

Then, according to Carmen Dauo’s restraining order filed alongside the divorce papers, when she was diagnosed with lupus, Ed had threatened to kill everyone in the family.

Sometime later, Andrew and his girlfriend had gone out to dinner with Ed, while Andrew was home from college. That night, after midnight, Andrew texted his girlfriend and let her know that his father suggested that he go to bed. The next day, the housekeeper saw Ed’s cars in the driveway, but no one was answering the door. Carmen hadn’t heard from Andrew and was getting scared, so she sent her daughter and daughter’s friend to the house to check on them – that was when they found the bodies.

What’s odd is that when Carmen noticed that Andrew wasn’t returning calls – she was fearful that something had happened, but instead of calling some other third party (a family friend or the police), she sent her daughter and her daughter’s friend to check-up on Ed and Andrew. If you knew that Ed had threatened her life in the past and were now fearful of Andrew’s safety, why would you send your daughter into the situation? Hopefully that daughter isn’t too traumatized, but I’m sure she unfortunately is.

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Sauce: Mercury News