As of right meow, you’ve got less than seven days to sign up for, and try a free 30-day premium subscription to Slacker Online Radio.

I didn’t think I was going to do this part-review/part-promo for Slacker, especially after asking Zach what he thought of doing the trial (in short, he said: “meh”), but I’m a pretty big Slacker fan-dad, and I don’t want you to miss a chance at a free month of premium subscription (ordinarily $9.99/month).

The bottom line is that Slacker is the best online radio source I’ve tried – both at the desk and on my mobile device – and having a free month of premium service was A-MAZE-ING! Check below the fold for a more complete review, details about the offer, and a link to where you can get hooked up.

Like other online music services, Slacker lets you listen to stations based on artist, song, or genre, and also lets you create custom stations. What Slacker does BETTER than other music services is let you exclude songs or artists that you don’t want on the stations you select or create. That’s why I originally made the jump to Slacker from Pandora, on the advice of Zach “meh” Rosenberg no less. I originally needed to ban Green Day out of my Foo Fighters station, and Pandora kept resurrecting them.

The next two important things that slacker has going on is superb sound quality (even on a 3G mobile device), and a massive library of music. You are unlikely to hear just the same few artists on a particular station. You can even adjust “artist discovery” settings so that you can introduce yourself to even more artists that you might like relative to who you’re listening to at the moment.

One last thing (but not an enduring feature of a free Slacker account) is a one-time trial for “cache-ing” stations, so that you can listen to them on your mobile device, even if you don’t have link to the network. Just in case you find yourself in the basement floor of your work or university gym and still want to have uninterrupted Slacker service.

Okay, so about the offer. Up until midnight on August 17th, you can get a free month of Slacker Premium, which includes many more features beyond a free account, such as unlimited skips, store songs with station “cache-ing” or with custom playlists, search for songs on-demand and see song lyrics, and listen without the 15-second ads that come up every six or so songs with a free account.

I really enjoyed the unlimited skips, and the ability to cache songs, especially since I took advantage of this offer just before driving across hundreds of miles of the Arizona desert (sorry, no 3G signal in most of B.F.AZ). It also let me listen and sing along at full volume to Weezer’s “Sweater Song” about 100 times back-to-back with the replay previous songs feature.

That was awesome.

And all you need to do to get a free month of Slacker Premium is 1) register for a Slacker account at (why didn’t I register that domain, amiright?), and 2) “Like” the Slacker Facebook page to get your free gift code (you may have to find the PROMOTION page by finding it on the left sidebar). Optionally, you can download the Slacker app to your mobile device, if you’re going to use Slacker on your phone (which you should because it’s mega).

If you’ve already got the Slacker app and you’re not noticing any differences from your normal account, update the app software. I had to do that before the premium trial was able to work.

One last note, before I link you off to the Slacker Facebook page: 40 promotion participants will be selected after August 17th to get a free year of subscription. So good luck – I hope we both get one!

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