“…people whose dads were involved are more upwardly mobile.” So says Dr. Daniel Nettle, a dude (and a doctor, presumably from that prefix) that conducted a study on paternal influence back in 2008.

It’s not like we haven’t been saying this, oh, I don’t know, for a year now. No one ever listens to 8BitDad though.

The Bangor Daily News links the 2008 study in England to British Prime Minister David Cameron’s August 11 speech to the House of Commons, in which he mentioned the weakened family unit as a reason for the recent riots in London. The Prime Minister suggested that families aren’t teaching their kids right from wrong, and that if and when parents are around, they don’t care where their kids are and who they’re with. “The potential consequences of neglect and immorality on this scale have been clear for too long, without enough action being taken,” Cameron said.

Just a couple days ago, we covered Cristina Odone’s op-ed about gang members’ lack of fathers causing the riots (directly or indirectly). Seems as if this opinion of a father’s influence to steer kids away from trouble and toward success is more popular than we thought!

Sauce: Bangor Daily News