Father to Child Summer Camp, a program started in 2000 by Washington D.C.-based nonprofit Hope House, aims to re-connect kids with their fathers. Problem is, the fathers are in prison.

Hope House doesn’t see it as a problem – and has run the program all over the country. Right now, there are two happening in Maryland and one in North Carolina. Kids ages nine to 14 are able to visit with their fathers during the day in the prison gym and visiting rooms. The father-child groups do art and play music together – and at night, the kids (along with the camp counselors) sleep at a facility off-site from the prison.

A program like Hope House’s Father to Child Summer Camp is able to help both the father and the child – fathers get to see their kids, but the children get to see another dimension to their father other than just knowing that their father is in jail and out of reach.

Sauce: MSNBC