BTW, in case you missed it last week, Ray Kurzweil has declared that he’s going to talk to his dad. Problem is, his dad’s been dead for 40+ years.

Ray Kurzweil, I think we can all agree, is somewhere above us. Maybe in intellect, maybe in craziness. Which is why is was or wasn’t a surprise when he told ABC News that he’s going to create some form of artificial intelligence that will be able to use all of Kurzweil’s documents, photos and letters from his father, and create, basically an avatar replica of him.

Kurzweil knows that it won’t actually be his father he’d be talking to, but his hope is that if he’s able to give the AI enough resources from his father’s past, the AI will, in essence, “think” and talk as his father would have.

Also, Ray Kurzweil takes 200 vitamins a day and gets monthly blood transfusions. Oh, and on the bright side, he thinks that a Terminator-like scenario is possible. I think I like this guy.

This isn’t to say that Kurzweil isn’t without merit or capacity. He’s a pretty smart dude, and helped develop the first CCD-flatbed scanner, as well as OCR tech.

Sauce: ABC News