Monday afternoon, Antonio Diaz Chacon took off work early to go home and be with his family. His washing machine was broken, so he went down the block to his relative’s house to do his laundry. It was there that Chacon saw a man throwing a girl into a van as a neighbor screamed for help.

Chacon, a mechanic and father of two did what most people wouldn’t – he went after the van. Chacon jumped in his pickup truck and went after the blue van – and when the van crashed and the perp jumped out and ran off, Chacon approached the girl and told her that he’d take her home.

Phillip Garcia, 29 year old scumbag, returned to his wrecked van and drove off. He was later caught by police, who hopefully were fairly rough with their cuffing, detaining and handling of Garcia. When police found Garcia, they also found a glove, a Leatherman tool, tie-down straps. They also found packing tape and more tie-down straps hidden under a rock, just 25 feet from where the van was parked.

Chacon said it was easy to make the decision to chase the van, because of his own daughters – one 7 years old and the other, 5 months old.

This dude’s a great father, a rad neighbor, and a really stand-up dude. Would you have done the same thing that Chacon did if you saw a kidnapping happening?

Sauce: Washington Post