When I first started talking to Kelly Lester about her “Easy Lunchboxes,” she suggested that I use catch-phrases like:

  • “eco-friendly!”
  • “waste-free lunches!”
  • “bento lunch box!”

But I insisted that since this is a father’s website, that, no offense to the charm of her products, dudes like me think in a different way. That’s why I’m proud to announce these features of Easy Lunchboxes:

  • Fits a full pork chop!
  • Strong plastic!
  • Fits a full pork chop!

No matter whether you think like me or Kelly, however, I’ve got to say, these Easy Lunchboxes are big winners. Really. Everyone – man, woman and child – have something to use these things for. And despite some very minor details, these containers are one of the more useful tupperware-type things you can use for a toddler’s food and snacks. Okay, that’s over-stating it a little, but Easy Lunchboxes are awesome. And I love them.

Also – 8BitDad and Kelly Lester also wants to GIVE YOU a set for free! Find out how at the end of the review!

First, let me say that these Easy Lunchboxes made my kid look like a pre-preschool BOSS. While other parents fumbled around with multiple tupperwares and smashed ziplock bags of fruits, my wife and I were able to slap the Easy Lunchbox down on the table, pop off the single lid, and before the other parents were done mixing, combining and wiping up spills, my kid was tooth-deep in some strawberries.

Plus – just because everything was in one compartmentalized container, the other parents said “wow, your son’s all hooked-up.” What’s interesting is that our son didn’t have anything different than the other kids – it was the same combo of a lunchmeat, fruit and Cheerios – but the Easy Lunchboxes just made it all look so “pro” since everything was in its own compartment. This is probably the least functionally-important of Easy Lunchboxes’ benefits – looking “pro,” that is. But socially-speaking, when other parents perceive you as organized and together (as they spill strawberries out of a ziplock onto their kid’s head instead of on their plate), it just makes you look like a more responsible parent. And everyone wants to be friends with the organized and responsible parents – so, you see, Easy Lunchboxes will get you more friends. That’s guaranteed. (That’s totally not guaranteed by Easy Lunchboxes.com or 8BitDad.)

Don’t have a kid? Don’t worry – the Easy Lunchboxes are a perfect size to store a couple packets of sensual oils, a couple condoms and a square of lasagna – which I like to call the Jersey Shore Friday Night Kit. Just leave this kit in your glove compartment when you go out to the bar, and you’ll be nice and organized when you find that special someone. And who knows, maybe you’ll make a kid too, so the rest of the review will then be relevant. In the meantime, here’s some pictures:

What’s great about the Easy Lunchboxes is that it’s not just some piece of tupperware – you get the boxes AND a lunch bag, which fits up to three of the boxes. Or, if you’re using less than three in the bag, you’ve got enough room for an ice pack, juice box, handgun…whatever else you usually bring with you when you’re out.

If you’re a details-type, here are some specs for you:

  • Each box is 9.38″ x 6.1″ x 2″
  • Box Compartment capacities:
    • Large section – 2.5 Cups (4.5″ x 5″ & 1.75″ deep)
    • Smaller section – 3/4 cup
    • Smallest section- 1/2 cup
  • Bag is 9” x 6.5” x 6.5”

Bags come in seven colors: pink, orange, blue, purple, maroon, olive and black. The four-box set comes with colored lids: orange, blue, green, and red.

Also these things are more heavy-duty than normal polypropylene tupperware. If you’re into watching chicks bend plastic and talk s**t (and you know we are), then check out Kelly Lester put the smack down on Ziploc (queued up to the appropriate part):

And seriously, this isn’t just for parents. If you’re sick of bringing disposable bags of snacks and crap to work, Easy Lunchboxes are perfect. With enough room for a sandwich and a couple handfuls of snacks, Easy Lunchboxes are great for the doldrums of your day job or a weekend picnic at the beach. I don’t mean to sound like a commercial here, but c’mon, we’re talking about lunchboxes and bags – what can I say? They’re awesome. I’m a father, this is the kind of crap I get amped up about nowadays.

Here’s where I mention stuff that we don’t really care about – Easy Lunchboxes are the best-selling lunch boxes on Amazon. So clearly, these things are great. Except, of course for…

There are only TWO things that I would regard as shortcomings for Easy Lunchboxes: first, there’s no “snap” that you’re used to hearing and feeling when you lock a tupperware lid into place. This is admittedly a very small problem, and once the lid’s on, it’s obvious that it’s in-place. Still, I’d just like to hear and feel that CLICK when I press the lid down. Second (and related), the Easy Lunchboxes aren’t fully leak-proof. They may or may not leak your food outside of the box (thought I haven’t really tried to shake one upside down), but the sections aren’t fully closed-off from each other. So, if you were keeping apple sauce in one compartment and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the large compartment, they’re going to get mixed up. For this reason, it’s actually preferred to keep items like applesauce in their own not-at-all eco-friendly single-serving cups in the Easy Lunchboxes bag.

Those two grievances aside, Easy Lunchboxes are awesome. We’ve used them in our son’s different classes and school activities, and for trips to the park and zoo. And because the bag is big enough to fit three of the boxes, you can easily pack lunches for multiple people assembly-line style. You totally won’t even mind when it’s your day to bring lunch for your kids’ friends on park playdates. And if you know that they’re not airtight/leakproof/individually-sealing, you just don’t try. You pack smart and keep the liquids elsewhere. The Easy Lunchboxes bag is big enough for a box and another of your own tupperwares.

These things are great and get a solid 4 for parents and kids. Sweet!

The Giveaway!

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