30 Nothings writer Kevin Harris takes a humerous look at Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual“, in an article I missed mid-August.

“I picked up this book mostly to teach myself to teach my children how to eat right,” Harris says. “Soon I realized that my entire kitchen, my entire pantry was against Michael Pollan’s Rules.”

Dads, you know what Harris means. We mean well, and we’re doing the best we can – but sometimes you can’t stick completely to a fresh-veggie, no preservatives lifestyle. Harris nails it when he mentions that Pollan suggests we only eat things our grandmothers would recognize as food. While well-meaning on Pollan’s part, Harris points out that his grandmother smoked while making meatballs and licked her fingers to clean them. Zing!

And remember, our grandmothers also smoked while pregnant and believed that giving soda pop to toddlers was a great idea.

Anywho, if you’ve got a second, and you do since you’re here, click on over to the sauce and check out Harris’ take on Pollan’s book.

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