Australian website The Conversation (BETA!) reports that evidently boys with absent fathers tend to experience delayed puberty.

A recent study by dudes at the London School of Economics found that when fathers left their families while the sons were in adolescence, their sons’ voices “broke” later.

This is weird and not weird. I don’t know how they managed to figure out when a boy’s voice was breaking, but they did it – and it’s kind of the expected result; no father around, and the kid doesn’t mature as quickly. Despite the old saying that a kid needs “to grow up faster” when parents aren’t around, it would seem that biologically, they don’t.

But despite a delayed puberty, these fatherless sons tend to be married less by age 23 – but also tend to have had kids more often.

Data was taken from the UK National Child Development Study, and appeared Wednesday in the Biology Letters research journal.

Sauce: The Conversation