Aussie IGN writer Luke Reilly talks a little post-Australian-Father’s Day dad celebration. He’s got a list of six movie dads that he thinks we’d all want for our own.

I don’t think I’m ruining anything in the article to tell you that John Matrix from “Commando” and Mufasa from “The Lion King” made the list. Oh, and who could forget Professor Henry Jones, pictured above.

Also, kudos to IGN for watermarking all of their pictures as if they shot the movies themselves…but then in microscopic text, crediting them to the original movie studios. We credit no one, mainly because we make pictures that anyone would be ashamed to call their own.

Who’s Reilly missing? A steam-train-time-machine-riding Doc Brown from “Back to the Future III”? Darth Vader – a father that, even after being brainwashed by evil, still saves his son from a lightning-throwing senior citizen? Dream-diver Cobb from “Inception,” who has to go through the depths of his own mind to get back to his kids?