When we think about the advancement of language – do we ever think of a gender? Ask any father who’s more of a talker in their marriage and they’ll probably say their wives. We’ve covered the idea before that mothers and (women in general) are marketed toward more by companies because they tend to network more with other potential buyers – spreading the word about good and bad products in their household.

Well, Peter Forster and Colin Renfrew, of the University of Cambridge, suggest that it was prehistoric dads – not moms – that advanced language, way back when. When what? We don’t know, it was prehistoric. That means before history, bro.

The Cambridge duo said that on pioneering trips in the age of discovery, men outnumbered women – and those men would many times find wives in the places that they conquered or settled. The indigenous wives would then adapt to the husband’s language, and when it came time to make a family, the kids would speak the language of the father as well (even if he was off day-tripping in some other New World).

The study was published in the Science journal.

To read more about this interesting study – including hard facts and figures that we don’t even understand – head over to the sauce at io9.

Sauce: io9